Sunday, 19 September 2010

See the Sights with Grayline New York

Grayline New York promises to serve new tourists with the best of New York and make their trip memorable. New York has always been a tourists’ paradise and there are people from all over the world coming down to New York to experience the exciting life in the world’s most popular city, not to mention the exciting night life. Grayline New York will help you acquaint yourself with the most vibrant life of the city that will surely help you absorb the culture of the place and get a sneak peek into the heritage of the city.

New York is definitely the worlds’ most diverse and intriguing city and is often regarded as the melting pot of culture, as people from all over the world have come and merged into one. Grayline New York will help you explore the city in its entire splendor with the city tour on board the double-decker buses and the special motor cavalcades – indeed,  Grayline New York also promises to transport you to a different world of incredible architecture and famous buildings, like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler buildings, along with the museums of Modern Art, not to mention the American Museum of Natural History. 

This well respected body of business organizes tours with surprises that help you to experience the lights and sounds of the city along with the hop-on and hop-off facilities from both, uptown and Downtown areas. The tour operator has everything to suit all your needs and requirements that include the Night Ride, along with the Brooklyn Tour. The Manhattan Comprehensive Tour offered by Grayline New York is a very popular one, as it includes some of the most exciting landmarks of New York like the Times Square, Madison Square Garden and the exciting cruise along the harbor. Grayline New York also has the lunch included in the trips, as the duration of the trips are long. 

Grayline New York offers the most exciting cruise down the New York Harbor that helps you see the famous Statue of Liberty. Believe it or not, they also have something to offer to the shopaholics. You can experience the finest shopping at the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets that will definitely sweep you off your feet with the biggest brand of the fashion world. Grayline New York also has special Night Tours and the Combo Tours; the tickets are very economically priced and generally start from about $89 and goes up, depending on the type of the tour that you choose.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New York City Sightseeing - Some Romantic Locations

A major city like New York is a premium location to bring your special someone to share in the amazing traveling experiences. A number of the potential spots to see together, that build on and grow a couple's relationship, can be mentioned in passing to stimulate your imagination as to what is possible in the Big Apple:

  • Central Park. A traditional favorite for romantic encounters, the historic and famous heart fitting place for activities from strolls, to Shakespeare in the Park, horse-drawn carriage rides, summer concerts, picnics on the green, and scenic restaurant visits at establishments surrounding Central Park.
  • City cruises. Get on any one of the boats that set sail about the city, and watch the skyline or nightline of New York City as you kiss your love. From the ferry to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, to the Circle Line cruise around the island of Manhattan, New York has the picturesque sea travel option that will suit you and your lover. For those with humbler means, a round-trip on the commuter Staten Island ferry actually provides a pretty picturesque view of the Lady along its route.
  • Statue Of Liberty. It's pretty hard for a couple to resist going straight to the iconic symbol of New York, and of American freedom. A special ferry takes travelers to the island each day, which may include a trip into the statue structure itself. Although you can't enter the torch area at this time, there are plenty of locations on the island and within Lady liberty that will serve a couple seeking a New York photo momento of their trip together.
  • The Empire State building. The other landmark of landmarks in New York has been the source for several romantic highlights in film history from the movies "An Affair to Remember," to "Sleepless in Seattle." The observation deck provides staggering views of Manhattan and the New York harbor. Lovers can even enter an annual Valentine's Day competition to be one of 14 couples who can win the opportunity to get married on the observation deck.
  • Bus Sightseeing Tours. One of the most picturesque attractions imaginable is the evening sightseeing tour offered by the Grayline coach company, which will take you and your partner to all the optimum spots to see New York City at nightfall. There will be plenty of warm and emotional moments during the tour to share with your love, and hold those special moments that brand NYC on to the bond you have for each other.
  • Skyline. Finally, if a road trip or park stroll is not enough, there's always the chopper. Taking a trip on the helicopter ride together would take both of you on a very thrilling ride over midtown and lower Manhattan, allow you to see that fabulous Manhattan skyline from a godlike position. This is a heavenly vantage point from which to share both a tour of New York and an intimate experience together.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Gray Skies of New York

This website is about the gray skies of new york in summer and winter. We'll be updating soon - enjoy this beautiful new york scene:

What a sight - the statue of liberty is very graceful. More soon!